Innovative Global Media

  • Innovative Global Media is an industry recognised and independent media planning and buying agency in United Kingdom.
  • We are one of the leading agencies specialising in out of home and radio advertising in the London, which is a remarkable achievement for a fledgling business.
  • This is all due to our core values of providing incredible competitive rates and an outstanding range of services.
  • A variety of experiences to significantly benefit all of our clients.

About Innovative Global Media

Every day consumers are bombarded with more messages and information than they possibly need which in turn affects their ability to filter out the majority. This overwhelming marketing will create confusion in the consumer’s mind, and gets disregarded altogether by the mind. At Innovative, we know how to create ‘Cut Through and Stand Out’ messages that will ensure that our client’s message gets embedded in the consumer’s mind. This is done by working closely with clients and media specialists.
We realise that working with as many people as possible, we have the collective mindshare that can tackle anything. We work with some of the leading people in their fields from graphic design, web design, digital media and mobile site development, to radio and print copywriting.
Couple all this with our long experience in local and national media buying, we know we can over deliver, on time and within budget. Why not contact us…

It’s all about you...

Our responsibility to you is to look after you, your budgets, your brand and your message.
You can rely on us to provide you with the best service as we have the tools to create effective customer retention for our clients and cross-sell carefully planned campaigns across outdoor and traditional media’s. We know how to target customers who will react positively to your campaign messages leading to better campaign response, greater customer loyalty and lower campaign costs.

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