Billboard Advertising

  • Advertising your message on outdoor billboards is a fantastic way to connect to your audience every time they step outside of their home, office or car.

  • The wide range of positions around the country allows for this medium to be utilized, to create an impactful message that leaves a long lasting impression on your target audience.

  • The 24-hour exposure of billboards helps to generate strong awareness; this permanence provides a competitive edge against other forms of above the line advertising such as television or radio as it cannot be switched off.

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Innovative Global Media-Billboards Advertising

Through careful positioning, billboards can be used as a directional tool to encourage visits to local stores or places of interest.

The wide range of sizes and variations on billboard formats allow for this medium to be as flexible as you need, creating a blank canvas of opportunities to get your message to the right people.

6 sheet billboards
Allow careful targeting on busy roadside areas and in densely populated town centres in order to provide a high reach and frequency to pedestrians, motorists, and passengers.

48 sheet billboards
Large format space to communicate your brand, products or services to your desired audience, and generate awareness. 48 sheet billboards primarily target motorists and passengers but also provide exposure to pedestrians, reaching even more audiences!

96 sheet billboards
Provide gigantic impact that cannot be ignored; the exposure will be optimised as a result of the size, creating an atmosphere that will leave a lasting impression. 96 sheet billboards are positioned by busy roadsides and on the underground tube, reaching all audiences from motorists and their passengers, to pedestrians using public transport.

Within the various size offerings that billboards provide, there are different ranges of visual opportunities to help maximise your impact, exposure and reach:

Backlighting on billboards helps to extend the exposure of your message throughout all hours; by improving the visibility of your advertising throughout the night. This lighting helps to target consumers who enjoy the night life or audiences who commute at those earlier and later hours.

High Definition
Billboards can offer high definition prints that maximise the detail and precision for visual advertisements that need a more detail and clarity in their displays. This high definition option creates a prestige and premium association to the brand or product, as it has chosen to promote itself with high quality visual imagery.

Digital billboards are a fantastic way to target a younger, more technologically-savvy audience, positioning your offering as being fresh and up to date. Digital billboards provide an opportunity to illustrate more dynamic messages and build better engagement with the audience.

Whatever you’re promoting and whoever you are promoting to, let us make sure you get the best response by choose the best types of billboards for you.

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