London Underground Advertising

  • 87% of Consumers actively look for advertisements during dwell time to break up the daily commute and 79% of commuters have responded to an ad they have seen on the tube.

  • 48 Sheet Billboards.

  • With an estimated 1.1 billion passengers using the London Underground, last year large format space was the perfect tool to communicate your brand, products or services to your desired audience, and generate awareness. 48 sheet billboards are located on platforms capturing high dwell time.

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About Innovative Global Media-London Underground

12 Sheet Billboards
This walkway landscape display is the most engaging corridor format on the underground, placed within in high foot areas, use for greater reach and proximity advertising messages.

LEP’s (Stairs, Lift and Escalator Panels)
The smallest and hardest working site on the Underground, these sites offer high frequency and are great for point of sale advertising often referred to as London’s notice boards.
Often Stairs, Lift and Escalator Panels are the first and last advertising that consumers see as they enter and exit the station. Fantastic advertising tool to influence buyer behavior.

TCP’s (Tube Car Panels)
Proven call to action medium capturing high dwell time and a proven welcome distraction to passengers.
Tube Car Panels have the longest dwell time of any Underground site. They are perfect for creating dialogue and communicating detailed brand stories. With an average 13 minutes spent in carriage, Tube Car Panels offer advertisers the benefit of long dwell time and one of the most up close and personal advertising experiences in London.

Within the various size offerings that underground advertising provide, there are different ranges of visual opportunities to help maximise your impact, exposure and reach:

Backlighting on 6 sheets helps to extend the exposure of your message throughout all hours; by improving the visibility of your advertising throughout the night. This lighting helps to target consumers who enjoy the night life or audiences who commute at those earlier and later hours.

Bluetooth 6 Sheets
For on the spot customer call to action 6 sheets can be embedded with Bluetooth technology to enable information download.

Whatever you’re promoting and whoever you want to get your message to, let us make sure you get the best response by choosing the best types of formats for you.

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