Completely Unbiased Free Campaign Media Planning Advice

  • Unlike many other media planning agencies we don’t charge for our campaign media planning, no hidden costs just simple free advice to all clients big or small.
  • Although we do specialise in Outdoor media, we have also had years of experience in press and radio advertising and planning.
  • We know that all media has its place for the right campaign, and we would be fools to say Outdoor does it all, it doesn’t.

About Innovative Global Media Planning

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We are strong believers in giving clients the best advice, and always say a media mix is the best way to do things. But this is only true when needed and can be justified. If the people you are trying to target are the right audience for a particular radio station or newspaper or magazine, we will recommend it. Provided it fits within budget and makes sense, we will always look at advising on all media. We also have extremely close links with radio and press groups and are able to offer superb planning rates for our clients.

If your budget will allow, the best mix of media is always the best policy, but not everyone can afford everything, so we will give all the advice we can to use the media that will best deliver with the budget available with our free media planning service.