What We Do @ IGM

  • We build our clients confidence…...
  • What we mean by this is that we work with our clients on every ad campaign to make sure we get it right. We make sure that we book the correct media type for the people, or audience they need to reach. Whether its bus backs and billboards, shopping mall posters, proximity 6 sheets outside supermarkets, or 6 sheets on train station platforms, or all of the above, we don’t just pick a product because it’s a good deal or might do the job, we will use audience research tools to make sure that we are targeting correctly every time a media is chosen.

Now … The ‘B’ word “BUDGET”

Everyone’s in the same boat

We want the campaign to be a success even more than our clients, because we believe in retaining our clients for a long time, and that’s why they work with us time and time again. We build our clients’ confidence when they invest in a campaign, we will provide them with all the support we can and deliver, regardless of how big or small the project and budget may be.

We need to deliver the same results and campaign plans as we did a few years ago, but with ever decreasing budgets. This is where we again, help our clients make their budget go further.

We work the Market all day… we know what the rates should be for all media types, and work tirelessly to ensure that we are buying at the best possible rates for our clients, making sure that the Budget goes as far as possible, delivering as much reach and coverage to ensure the campaign is seen by enough of the right people to work and get a result. This maintains the client’s impact even with the budget restrictions.

If needed, we play the short term planning market, and provided the campaign can be delivered and the correct media type are available for when we need them, we are able to save our clients thousands of pounds. A recent audit showed that we saved 42% off rate card rates for one of our clients over a 6-month period, across many media formats. This is down to our knowledge of the market and experience, but it again gives our clients confidence knowing that when we say its great value … it really is!

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